James Foong

Jillian, by far one of the most dynamic leader within the maritime industry. If you are a mariner by profession and belongs to the prestigious organisation like Nautical Institute, you will likely never miss to spot her name in every sharing and her involvement including articles on women in maritime are eyes openers to many!

She believe that by creating articles and reading materials for public awareness to tackling the lack of diverse female role models in this male dominated seafaring career. She is someone you can be trusted in person as well as in profession. I wish her all the greatest success in her future endeavors.

Based on her involvement in NI, I am sure she is closest to none for being the next incoming President of The Nautical Institute, perhaps the first female President in the 50 years old history of the institute since formation, I look forward and being excited for the day to come.

To those who are reading this, be safe and vigilant wherever you are.
I wish you well.