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Education and training

Recognising the importance of ongoing professional development, well versed in educational philosophy and practice, JCJ Consulting addresses all element of the training process – task analysis, program and curriculum design, development of training materials and assessment tools, and delivery of training using active discovery training techniques. Read more...


Providing small and larger group facilitation, with a focus on an inclusive approach to enable best possible outcomes. Facilitation services may include: confirming requirements and expectations; developing activities to address requirements; reporting on outcomes.

Task and gap analysis

As part of any training or facilitation process, it is critical to understand the actual requirement, the current situation and verify any gaps that exist. JCJ Consulting will work with you to confirm the requirements based on a structured approach to task and gap analysis.

Keynote Speaker

A dynamic presenter, JCJ Consulting will work with organisers to provide a focused, thought provoking presentation to help set the scene for your event. Keynote are tailored to focus on the topic to promote the objective of the session.

Maritime policy

Review and development – with decades of experience working in a maritime regulatory environment, JCJ Consulting can critically review, identify gaps and present options to address obligations or requirements in maritime policy. Looking at the process in a holistic manner, keeping the 4 P’s in mind (philosophy, policy, procedure and practice), JCJ consulting brings a practical approach to policy review and development.

Strategic Planning

Drawing on decades of experience, JCJ Consulting will work with your organization to identify, document and facilitate the development of a strategic plan. The process includes supporting the development of a vision for the organization that reflects values, with an action plan to address short and long term goals.

Compliance and risk assessment

Qualified in the Simplified IALA Risk Assessment (SIRA) process, with experience using a variety of other risk assessment tools, JCJ Consulting uses scenario based assessments to identify hazards, assess existing mitigating measures and look to further address risk with additional measures. In addition, JCJ Consulting can provide audit and compliance activities.

Maritime communications

Communicating is so critical in all aspects of our lives. JCJ focuses on clear, concise and consistent communications approaches, addressing the key steps in the communication process: clarify content; coding the message; transmitting the message; decoding the content; confirming the message.

Digital communications and developments

Starting with the developments of digital selective calling (DSC) and the automatic identification system (AIS), JCJ consulting is constantly at the forefront of developments in maritime communications. Terrestrial and satellite, digital communications is the key to many aspects of the maritime industry, including autonomous vessels and interaction between ship and shore.

Vessel Tracking, monitoring systems and technologies

Digitalization has led to enhanced ability to not only track vessels throughout their voyage, but to analyse the data for many reasons: support just in time arrivals and slot management; enhance vessel traffic services and traffic organization; promote efficient steaming speeds to reduce fuel consumption and green house gas emissions; identify choke points; enable weather and ice route planning; support remote monitoring of systems and enable preventative maintenance; and much more. Working closely with industry and authorities, JCJ Consulting is uniquely placed to support clients as they move to implement, or improve, vessel tracking and monitoring.

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

At the 1996 IALA VTS Symposium in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Jillian Carson-Jackson challenged IALA to develop internationally agreed standards for the training and qualification of VTS Personnel. This led to the development of the IALA V-103 (now R0103) training standard and a series of model courses. JCJ Consulting brings experience of VTS to support our clients – including training, operational procedures and technical aspects.